"How it Came About"

How VeRsEsS Came About:

Virtual eagerly Really sending Enlightening senses VeRsEsS©


Virtual eagerly Really sending Enlightening senses VeRsEsS© is a platform started because of a joke while spending some quiet time alone. The initial joke occurred when I was looking at the TV and on Social Media at the same time when I was shocked as to how a thief would break into a store and was having problems exiting the crime scene. Then his best Idea was to call the cops on himself. A true representation about why folks say, “Ideas come a dime a dozen.” What a genius, don’t you think? The bandit’s dilemma along with the lunacy and funny stuff which keep coming from the TV news and newspapers, made me shook my head while asking a Marvin Gay question, “What’s going on?” Following these natural media occurrences, I chuckled to myself and said these situations need to have a seat somewhere and send some sense to that person / persons.

A few weeks later, I travel to Lithonia, Georgia to spend three days and meet with my buddy and business partner. While in Georgia, one evening, I was invited for dinner prepared by his mom and aunt. As I entered the home, I was happily greeted with the teasing comments made by my buddy about my grand entrance, feet first, my new style shoes. The immediate comforting support of my footwear by my friend’s mother and aunt was followed by the smiling and most hospitable welcoming by them. As I tried to get comfortable, the evening TV news was on with one of the many Sexual Harassment allegations stories of the day which give me an opportunity to divert the focus and comments. Then I said, situations like that along with some of the nonsense we see and hear on Social Media need to go on The Line Up once a week and Virtually Send Some Enlightening Sense into them. Then aunty replied, “Ok, you go from the right side and when they are leaning on one side like an accordion or The Leaning Tower of Pisa, I will come from the left and balance them up.” Well, just imagine the laughter followed by some habitual serious debates.

Oh! That smelling good food was getting cold and we were hungry. I guess we all felt the calling. It was our metabolism that needed its attention. The food was damn good.

The word balance always grabs my attention for is this word my dad, Charles Graham said is one of the most powerful words in the English dictionary. He insisted on what power this word carries. When he passed, he became known as Mr.23. May he RIP.

Three days after my return to Brooklyn, New York, no surprises, the lunacy from the TV news and the mayhem on Social Media would never stop. So, equipped with the unintended outcome from that Georgia dinner and I full of Ideas, I decided to do something about the issues raised during that debate. I told Debra, my business partner, what happened in Georgia; she immediately liked my idea but had some valid points when she stated, “there are some site that addresses some of the issues.” My immediate response to her was after the first production of cars, plains, TV, medication, guns, smartphones and the list will take me one year to complete, who knows? how many others similar things came online globally? I continued, objects, places, things, and ideas would have the same generic name, but the differences are in the deviations. This is key. Here is where VeRsEsS© stands alone. Jokingly, she asked, “why the two SS after verse?” My response was as a person sings and virtually send the nonsense out, they would continue to sing as virtually send enlightenment to fill that void. She smiled as she accepted my points. I asked her to do some quick research for me. I was pleased with her findings. Then the various concepts for VeRsEsS began to flow natural from me as I created the various ideas for this social media platform.

Numerous nonsensical things just keep on popping up e.g. Why would kids dare each other to put laundry detergent into their mouth? Credit to CBS News.

As I started to write the content for VeRsEsS©, vividly, I saw the logo for it and did the sketch. Whilst doing this, I realized that a person may have an idea or done something that they may have some doubts about and needs to be encourage, motivated or given some validation. Any of such questionable things can be tested on VeRsEsS© platform. After the posting, opinions can be received from the registrants under the Enlightening Senses tab. The hands or thumbs up emoji means the posting needs Enlightening Sense. Therefore, the hands or thumbs down emoji means the posting has potential. That member should be encouraged if a posting received more Bright Idea votes that the VeRsEsS votes or hits to pay attention and work on posting. One may have something there.

Coding is not one of my competencies. I need a platform for my social media idea. So, I was either going to have a website or an App built.

Wrestling with the aspect of thrust and exposure of my ideas, I tossed a few names around my mind for a programmer. I was very happy with the professionalism and price point when I met the professional.

So, these are the factors for the building of the VeRsEsS© platform and I am presenting to the world.